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    A lead brick with the dimensions shown in the figure below (6.0 cm left to right, 5.0 cm front to back and 2.0 cm top to bottom) rests on a rough, solid surface. A force of F = 2300 N is applied as indicated, with θ = 29°.

    (a) Find the change in height of the brick.
    (b) Find the amount of shear deformation.

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    F=2300 N Fsinθ = 2300xsin29O = 1115 N

    Fcosθ = 2300xcos29O
    =2012 N l = 0.06m, b = 0.05m, h = 0.02m

    Force F can be resolved into horizontal and vertical components, Fcosθ and Fsinθ respectively.

    The vertical component causes compression of the lead brick and the horizontal ...

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    The expert finds the force and change in height and amount of shear deformation. A step by step solution provided.