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Oxidation states

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A) UO2<+2>
b) As2O3
c) NaBiO3
d) As4
f) Mg2P2O7
g) Na2S2O3
h) Hg2Cl2
i) Ca(NO3)2

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a) UO2<+2>
<br>Let x be the Oxidation Number (ON) of U. Then x - 2*2 = +2 which gives x = +6
<br>Therefore, ON of U = +6
<br>ON of O = -2
<br>b) As2O3
<br>Let x be the ON of As. Then 2x - 3*2 = 0 which gives x = +3
<br>Therefore, ON of As = +3
<br>ON of O = -2
<br>c) NaBiO3
<br>Let x be the ON ...

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