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    Isopentane Questions

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    (a) The molar volume of isopentane (C5H12) is 1.00 L at 503 K and 30.0 atm.

    (i) Does isopentane behave like an ideal gas? Justify your answer.

    (ii) Given that a = 17.0 L^2.atm/mol2 and b = 0.136L/mol calculate the pressure of
    isopentane as predicted by the van der waals equation.

    (b) The elements of group 5A, the nitrogen family, form compounds with hydrogen
    having the boiling points listed below:

    SbH3 -17ºC; AsH3 -55ºC; PH3 -87ºC; NH3 -33ºC
    Explain this trend in the boiling points.

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