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    Strong/Weak Field Isomers

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    Question 1

    [COF6]^3- is a weak-field ion, and [Co(CN)6]^3- is a strong-field ion. Which ion absorbs higher-frequency visible light?

    a) [COF6}^3- b) [Co(CN)6]^3-

    Question #2

    Give the formula of potassium diaquatetrachlorocobaltate (II).

    Question # 3

    Draw all isomers with the formula [Co(H2O)4Cl2]

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    Q1. The oxidation state of Co is +3 in both compounds, hence d6 configuration. ...

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    The isomers of [Co(H2O)4Cl2] are drawn. The formula of potassium diaquatetrachlorocobaltate (II) is given. Given two ions, the choice is made to determine which ion absorbs higher frequency visible light.