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    Net molecular dipole

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    1. Which of the following molecules has NO net molecular dipole?
    a. CH3OH
    b. CH2O
    c. CH3Cl
    d. H2C=CH2

    2. Which of the following molecules can hydrogen bond to another of the same compound?
    a. CH3CH2OCH2CH3
    b. CH3CH2COOCH3
    c. (CH3CH2)2CHOH
    d. CH3CH2COCH2CH3

    3. What term best describes the relationship between the following two compounds?
    CHCl=CHCl vs CCl2=CH2
    a. same compounds
    b. unrelated compounds
    c. constitutional isomers
    d. geometric isomers

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    1. The net molecular dipole exist due to the fact that some element is more electronegative then others. The most electronegative ...

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