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    Nuclear Chemistry Question

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    i) Give the expression for the energy levels of a nucleus exhibiting collective quadrup vibrations, taking care to explain the symbols used.

    State the spin and parity of the first excited state expected in a nucleus exhibiting colle quadrupole vibrations and a nucleus exhibiting collective octupole vibrations.

    What are the spin and parity of the ground state of 16O (Z=8)? Justify your answer.
    The energy and spin/parity of the fire three excited states in 16O are:
    6049 keV (0+), 6130 keV (3-) and 6917 keV (2+).
    State which of these can be associated with each of quadrupole and octupole vibrations.

    The octupole vibrational state decays to the ground state of 16I by gamma-decay.
    Which electromagnetic multipole(s) contribute to the gamma-decay of the octupole vibrational state in 16O? Justify your answer.

    ii) What is meant by the term 'isospin'? Give values for the isospin and isospin-projection quantum numbers for a neutron and a proton.

    Give the expressions for the isospin projection T_Z for a nucleus (Z,A) and for all the possible values of total isopin T.

    Compute in a table the values of T_Z and all possible balues of T for the A=16 isobars 16N (Z=7), 16O (Z=8) and 16F (Z=9).

    Give the likely value for the total isospin of the ground state T_gs of each of these nuclei.

    What are the corresponding multiplets? Represent these multiplets on an energy level diagram labelled with the A = 16 isobars and their T and T_Z values.

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    I've done most of them and have included references for you to read and clarify. Please see the attachment.

    The energy levels of electric quadruple vibrations is given by,
    EN = (N+5/2)ħω where N is the number of phonons, ħ is a constant and ω is the angular momentum.

    An alternate formula is found at this website

    The spin and parity of the first excited state for quadruple vibration is 2 and + while that for octupole vibration is 3 and -. So 0+  2+ and 0+  3-

    For quadrupole parity π = (-1)2 = +1 while for octupole π = (-1)3 = -1


    For 16O8, you can look at the ...

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    Answers to each of the questions, including expressions, value of isospin, and multiplets are given in the attached Word document.