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basic chemistry

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Name the four families of hydrocarbons.

2. Hexyne is a hydrocarbon containing _____ carbons and a __________ bond.

3. Cyclobutene is a hydrocarbon containing _____ carbons, a ______ and a ______ bond.

4. Alcohols contain an ________ group.

5. A compound containing 5 carbons and a fluorine would be named _______________.

6. Amines and amides both contain the element _______________

7. The reaction shown below is a ____________________ type reaction.

CH3CH3 + Br2 -----> CH3CH2Br + HBr

8. The reaction shown below is a ____________________ type reaction.

CH2=CH2 + H2 -----> CH3CH3

9. Name the four main classes of biochemicals.

10. Blood sugar is a sugar chemically known as _______________

11. The carbohydrate found in bread which serves as a source of glucose is called
____________ and is a member of the family of sugars called _____________
because it contains many monosaccharide molecules.

12. There are _____ different amino acids which are the monomer molecules used to
construct the polymer molecules called ________________ from which all muscle
tissue is made.

13. There are approximately _______________ different proteins in the human body.

14. Name four classes of lipids.

15. The two kinds of nucleic acids are __________ and __________

16. Name the two types of nuclear reactions.
The three types of simpler materials produced by radioactivity nuclear fission reactions are
_______________, ________________ and _______________

18. The time required for one-half of the atoms of a radioactive nuclei sample to decay is called
the _______________ of the nuclei.

19. The type of nuclear reaction shown below is __________ and the nuclear symbol
of the missing material is

27Al13 + ? → 30P15 + 1n0

sorry need these 3 things too. to amke sure they are all right.

Al(OH)3 + HNO3 → Al(NO3)3 + H2O

LiAl(OH)4 + H2O → LiOH + Al(OH)3 + H2O

Ca + H3PO4 → Ca3(PO4)2 + H2

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