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    Hess's Law

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    2CLF (g) + O2(g) --> CL2O + F20 (Hrxn = 167.4 kj/mol)

    2CLF3(g) + 2O2(g) --> Cl2O(g) + 3F2O(g) (Hrxn = 341.4 kj/mol)

    2F2(g) + O2(g) --> 2F2O (Hrxn = -43.4 kJ/mol)

    Using Hess' law, what is the Hrxn for ClF +F2 --> ClF3 in kj/mol (assume temperature is the same)?

    2. Given NO(g) + NO2(g) --> N2O3 H=-40.2kJ
    N2O4(g) --> 2NO2 H=23.4kj

    Calculate the enthalphy change for the following using hess' law
    2N2O3(g) --> 2NO(g) + N2O4

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