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    enthalpy change for the reaction

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    1) Calculate the enthalpy change for the reaction:
    given the following enthalpies of reaction:
    P4(s)+3O2(g)>>P4O6(s) deltaH = -1640.1 kJ
    P4(s)+5O2(g)>>P4O10(s) deltaH = -2940.1 kJ

    2) From the enthalpies of reaction:
    H2(g)+F2(g)>>2HF(g) deltaH = -537kJ
    C(s)+2F2(g)>>CF4(g) deltaH = -680kJ
    2C(s)+2H2(g)>>C2H4(g) deltaH = +52.3kJ
    calculate the deltaH for the reaction of ethylene with F2:

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    The Hess's law states that the energy change for any chemical or physical process is independent of the pathway or number of steps required to complete the process provided that the final and initial reaction conditions are the same.

    1) Reversing the equation P4(s)+3O2(g)>>P4O6(s) deltaH = -1640.1 kJ , ...

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    The solution shows hot to calculate the enthalpy change for the reaction.