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Thermodynamics: Enthalpy Change

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bond molar bond enthalpy/kj mol^-1
N-H 392
H-H 436
N=N (triple bond) 945
reaction 1: N2 (g) + 3H2 (g) = 2NH3(g)

Use the molar bond enthalpies above to show the overall enthalpy change for reaction one is -93kj mol^-1
show all steps in the calculation clearly.

State whether the reaction is endo or exothermic - i think it is exothermic and sketch a labelled diagram showing the internal energy changes for this reaction.

Write down the expression for the equilibrium constant k for the reaction. At 25 degrees celcuis the equilibrium concentrations of N2 are 1.0 x x10^-2,
H2 is 1.1 x 10 ^-2 moldm^-3 and for NH3 it is 9.8 x 10^-1.

Use these values to calculate the value ok K at this temperature.

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enthalpy change

bond                     molar bond enthalpy/kj mol^-1
N-H                          391
H-H                          436
N=N (triple bond)    945
reaction 1: N2 (g) ...

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