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    Henry's law and molarity

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    What is the maximum # of Grams of CO2 gas that can dissolve in 1.00 liter of water at 25 degrees C if the partial pressure of the CO2 gas is 57.00 mmHg? The Henry's Law constant for CO2 is .000048 M/mmHg

    I was given the formula S=KP

    Using the factor-label method and expressing the answer to the correct number of significant figures,

    What is the molarity of a 100.0-mL aqueous solution that contains 25.0 g of NaCl?

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    1.) Temperature = T = 273.15+25 = 298.15 K (standard temperature)
    Here, K = 0.000048 M/mmHg
    P = 57.00 mmHg
    S = solubility = ...

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    This solution provides brief equations and solutions for finding grams and molarity using temperature, pressure, solubility, molecular weight, and number of moles.