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    Henry's Constants and Partial Pressure

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    Consider the following aqueous route to oxidize SO2:
    SO2(aq) + H2O2(aq) -> H2SO4(aq) k = 1.1 X 10^3 L/mols

    a. The partial pressure and Henry's law constants for SO2 and H2O2 are 2.1 ppm (KH = 1.2 mol L-1atm-1) and 4.8 ppb (KH = 1.0E5 mol L-1atm-1), respectively. Calculate the reaction rate of this process.

    b. Calculate the reaction rate (per liter of air) if the amount of liquid water in the atmosphere is 0.02 g L-1.

    Hint: Convert ppm and ppb to partial preferences, calculate rate.

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    To convert ppm and ppb to partial pressures simply remember that 'm' and 'b' stand for 'per million' and 'per billion' respectively. For example, 3 ppm is therefore 3E-6 atm and 8 ppb is 8E-9 atm.

    Henry's Law is simply ...

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