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    The pH level for saturated water

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    I need to see how the following is done.

    Calculate the pH of CO2-saturated water at 25 degrees C, given that the CO2 concentration in air is 320 and that, for carbon dioxide, the Henry's Law constant KH=3.4E-2 mol L-1 atm-1is at 25 degrees Celsius. Furthermore, the ionization constant, Ka, for H2CO3 has a value of 4.5E-7 mol L-1 at this temperature.

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    I worked out these steps as they are written, but you need to follow them in a-b-c-d order:

    d) To calculate the pH you need the [H+] concentration (pH = -log[H+])
    c) We assume that the [H+] is entirely from dissociation of H2CO3 (none from H2O dissociation). If x mol L-1 of H2CO3 ...

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    This solution calculates the amount of pH given in water of a certain temperature, with CO2 concentrations, Henry's Law, and the ionization constant given. This is resolved by using all the parameters given in a step by step approach.