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Softened and Hard Water

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Many people have what has been called hard water. Water is classified as being hard because of the amounts of ions, mainly of calcium, magnesium, and iron, that it contains. Hard water will not allow for soap suds to form easily and usually will leave deposits on surfaces such as bathtubs. To make the water "soft" (that is removing the calcium, magnesium, and iron ions), people use a water softener that exchanges sodium ions for the calcium, magnesium, and iron ions. Fully explain why people who have high blood pressure and are on restricted sodium intake diets shouldn't drink "softened" water?

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This solution discusses the differences between soft and hard water and why some people may be restricted from drinking a particular type.

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It is generally accepted that people with high blood pressure should not take foods which have salt that contains Na+ ions. Soft water replaces Ca2+, Mg2+ and Fe2+ / ...

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