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    Write balanced molecular and net ionic equations

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    Write balanced molecular and net ionic equations for the reactions of a) m
    a) hydrochloric acid with nickel
    b) dilute sulfuric acid with iron
    c) hydrobromic acid with magnesium
    d) acetic acid,HC2H3O2 with zinc

    Hard water contains Ca2+, Mg2+, and Fe2+, which interfere with the action of soap and leave an insoluble coating on the insides of containers and pipes when heated. Water softeners replaced these ions with Na+. If 1.0X10^3L of hard water contains 0.010 M Ca2+ and 0.0050M Mg2+, how many moles of Na+ are needed to replace these ions?

    The Arsenic in a 1.22g sample of a pesticide was converted to AsO4^3- by suitable chemical treatment. It was then titrated with Ag+ to form Ag3AsO4 as a precipitate.
    a) What is the oxidation state of As in AsO4^3-?
    b) Name Ag3AsO4 by analogy to the corresponding compound containing phosphorus in place of arsenic.
    c) If it took 25.0ml of 0.102 M Ag+ to reach the equivalent point in this titration, what is the mass percentage of arsenic in the pesticide?

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    The balanced molecular and net ionic equations are written for a series of reactions. The mass percentage of ions present in solution is calculated by using titration methods.