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    HPLC Column

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    An HPLC column of length 15cm and ID of 4.6mm is tightly packed with monodisperse ODS particles of diameter 3:m surface area 300m/g^2 and density 1.2g/mL. Dead volume is 1.2mL. Assuming that the particles are tightly packed and that the void volume is essentially due to the pore volumes of the particles, calculate:

    1. the # of ODS particles in the column
    2. the weight in grams of the ODS needed to obtain a
    tight packing
    3. the mass ingrams of each ODS particle
    4. the pore volume of each ODS particle

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    First, we need to calculate the volume of the column. The volume of a cylinder is given as pi*r^2*h = 3.141 * (2.3)^2 * 150 = 2492.38 square mm or 24.92 mL. Since we are to assume in this question that the dead volume is made up completely ...

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