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Heat energy and water

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I have the data but I am having a hard time determining the end result.

How much heat energy is required to raise the temp. of 5.0g of H20 from -10C to 110C ? (ice to steam)

Given the following data:
Specific Heat J/gK Molar Heat Capacity J/molK Formula Mass
Water (l) 4.184 75.3 18.0
Ice 2.05 36.9 18.0
Water Vapor 1.84 33.1 18.0

Fusion -- 6.01 kj/mol
Vaporization -- 40.67 kj/mol

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This should be done in 5 steps.

Heat the ice to 0 C by:

q = mc(Tf-Ti)

q1 = 5.0 g(2.05 J/gK)(0-(-10))

q1 = 102.5 J

Melt the ice

q = n(Fusion)

n = m/MM

n = 5 g /18 ...

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This solution is provided in 181 words. It demonstrates through five steps, including heating, melting, heating again, boiling, and heating the steam, how much total heat energy is required.