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Entropy: Shell-and-Tube Heat Exchanger

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A well-insulated, shell-and-tube heat exchanger is used to heat water (Cp = 4.18kJ/kg *degC) in the tubes from 20 degrees C to 70 degrees C at a rate of 4.5kg/s. Heat is supplied by hot oil (Cp = 2.30kJ/kg *degC) that enters the shell side at 170 degrees C at arate of 10kg/s. Disregarding any heat loss from the heat exchanger, determine the exit temperature of the oil.

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The solution is calculated using the rule: the rate of heat energy given by oil = the rate of heat energy taken by water.

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Rate of heat energy given by oil = rate of heat energy taken by water

d{m(water)}/dt = 4.5kg/s
delta (T(water)) = 70-20 = 50 ...

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