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Rate of heat supplied from a pump

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Air from inside a house enters a steady-flow heat exchanger with a volume flow rate of 200 m3/min at 15°C, 100kPa and eaves the heat exchanger at 35°C. This heat exchanger is located inside the sir handler of a house heat pump system and receives heat from the heat pump. The heat pump receives heat from air outside the house that acts as a heat source at 10°C.
Assume air has constant specific heats evaluated at 300K.

(a) Determine the heat supplied to the air in the heat exchanger Q. H, in kW.
(b) Assuming the air in the heat exchanger acts as a heat sink having an average temperature of 25°C, determine the minimum power supplied to the heat pump, in kW.

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The solution determines the rate of heat supplied by the heat exchanger and the power supplied to the heat pump.