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    Wind Turbines & Heat Pumps

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    I am struggling to give precise answers to the questions below I just seem to be waffling and my research is not precise enough I think, I really need help in answer the questions below, hope you can help thanks

    1. Describe in words the main features of the curve showing how the power output of a wind turbine depends on the wind speed.

    2. Define the following four terms, with reference to your description of the power/wind-speed curve: cut-in wind speed, rated wind speed, shut-down wind speed, and rated power.

    3. Briefly explain the function of a heat pump.

    4. Describe the main features and mode of operation of a ground source heat pump (GSHP) system for space heating in a domestic building.

    5. List TWO merits of the use of GSHP systems for space heating.

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    !. The curve showing how the power output of a wind turbine depends on wind speed. A large wind turbine will initially have the turbine rotating at fixed rotational speed. The tip speed ratio will be low wind speed and get smaller as the wind speed increases. As the wind speed increase from a smaller value, the mechanical power output increases due to greater power in the wind and higher values of coefficient of performance this variation is seen in the form of increase in the slope of the curve. This increase in slope shows the greater power in wind and larger values of coefficient of performance. Eventually, the coefficient of performance reaches its maximum when the curve flattens out (1). For higher wind speeds, the power in the wind continues to increase while the coefficient of performance decreases. If we multiply the power in the wind with the coefficient of performance the product increases till the rated mechanical power output is reached. After this point if the wind increases further, the coefficient of performance decreases at a faster rate and the power output slowly decreases. This explains the decline in the power output with higher wind speeds. This explains why the curve showing the power output ...

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