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Absorbance vs concentration lab solution

These are questions that relate to kinetics calculations from absorbance data.

Please see the attached file for the fully formatted problems.

Student wanted a full explanation of what he got right and wrong.


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4.a. Let's look at the graph of mL A vs Abs...
For 0mL A, 10mL B, there's no reaction
For 1A, 9B, there's not enough A (and too much B)
For 2A, 8B, there's not quite enough A but we're getting close to maximum yield of product (and still too much B)
For 3A, 7B, almost perfect
For 4A, 6B we see maximum yield of P
For 5A, 5B, we've gone too far and now have too much A and not enough B
For 6A, 4B, we're getting worse, and so on across the ...

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Student presents data from a theoretical lab (experiment not actually performed, just "results" on paper) and questions regarding the results must be answered. xA + yB ---> P with varying amounts of A and B. The absorbance of P is studied with respect to the varying amounts of A and B. Student must calculate the coeffecients x and y. A final question concerns application of LeChatelier's Principle. All questions are fully answered and explained.