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To calculate protein concentration with given absorbance

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The data below was obtained in an experiment to determine the protein concentration of two unknown solutions. Analyse the data, plot a suitable graph and determine the protein concentrations of the unknowns

Protein standard (mg cm-3) Absorbance at 540nm
0 0.00
1 0.122
2 0.243
3 0.365
4 0.468
5 0.588

Unknowns Absorbance in triplicate
1 0310, 0.318, 0.322
2 0.444, 0.423, 0.443

Question 2.
State two things which may result in error in this type of experiment?

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Equation for the value given is : y = 0.122x

Mean of the given absorbance : (.31 + .318 + .322)/3 = 0.316

Protein content for this absorbance ...

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Protein concentration in the given solution can be known through photospectrometric method. A direct correlation exists between protein concentration and its absorbance.

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