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    the absorbane and transmittance of molecules

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    Absorption and Transmittance. See attached file for full problem description.

    35. A 20-ppm solution of a DNA molecule (unknown moecular weight) isolated from Escherichia coli was found to give an absorbance of 0.80 in a 2-cm cell. Calculate the absorptivity of the molecule.

    37. Titanium is reacted with hydrogen peroxide in 1 M sulfuric acid to form a colored complex. If a 2.00 *10^-5 M solution absorbs 31.5% of the radiation at 415 nm, what would be (a) the absorbane and (b) the transmittance and percent absorption for a 6.00 * 10^-5 solution?

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    1. According to Beer- Lambert law, the absorbance A is

    L is the path length, c is the concentration of the chemical.
    So the absorptivity
    In this problem, we have A=0.8, the path length l = 2 cm.
    The concentration of the ...

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