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Fresnel's equations to calculate the ratio of E_t0 to E_i0

A linearly polarized electromagnetic wave is incident on the plane interface between air and an isotropic medium of relative permittivity ε = 3 and relative permeability μ = 1. The incident propagation vector makes an angle of 60o with the normal to the interface and the direction of polarization of the incident wave is normal to the scattering plane.

The question asks to use Fresnel's equations to calculate the ratios of amplitude and electric field, the full question is attached.


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Given that incident angle i=60o, r=3, r=1
We have taken n1(air) =1.0008 and t as transmitted angle
Hence n2= sqrt(r*r) = sqrt(3*1) = 1.73
From Snell's law n1 sin(i) = n2 sin(t)
sin(t) = (1.0008*sin60)/1.73
= 0.50
t = 30o
Fresnel's equations for perpendicular and parallel components of electric field are given by equations 1, 2 and ...

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