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    An Estuarine Water Sample

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    An analytical chemist determines that an Estuarine water sample contains 1.5 g/L of sulfate ion. What is the concentration in terms of:

    (a) g/L of S
    (b) molar concentration of sulfate
    (c) normality
    (d) parts per million of sulfate

    Could you please explain what formula and step are involved and please provide (example) problem.

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    (a) g/L of S
    Sulfate = SO4 = 32 + 4*16 = 96 g/mol
    S = 32 g/mol
    So in 1.5 g of sulfate ion the amount of S = 1.5*32/96 = 0.5 (g/L)
    So the sample contains 0.5 g/L of S.

    (b) molar concentration of sulfate ...

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