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Hydrate Formula and Gravimetric of Cloride

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1. Given that moles of water loss = Weight of water / GMW H2O (=18.051 ) and moles of CuSO4 = final weight/ GMW CuSO4 (=159.61)

:Initial Weight: 116.877g (cooper II sulfate hydrate 30g + water )

:Final Weight: 19.177g (after heat compound with burner)

:Weight of Water driven off (Initial weight - final weight) : 97.7g

X = moles of water loss/ moles of CuSO4
Given that hydrate is: CuSO4 (XH2O)

What is the formula of the hydrate?

2. Given that initial unknown chloride sample weight (g): 5g, and Weight of AgCl precipitate: 21.987g, and approximate volume of AgNO3 solution added (ml): 1M

What is
Moles of AgCl = ( AgCl precipitate mass/143.32 ):
Weight of Cl- in XCl sample = (moles of AgCl)x(atomic weight of Cl- = 35.4527) :
% Cl- in sample = (weight of Cl- in XCl sample / weight of XCl sample) x 100 % :

What happened as excess AgNO3 solution was added to the XCl solution?

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This solution is provided in 272 words in an attached .doc file. It calculates how to find the formula of the hydrate as well as calculations for other aspects of the problem.

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