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    Hydrate Formula and Gravimetric of Cloride

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    1. Given that moles of water loss = Weight of water / GMW H2O (=18.051 ) and moles of CuSO4 = final weight/ GMW CuSO4 (=159.61)

    :Initial Weight: 116.877g (cooper II sulfate hydrate 30g + water )

    :Final Weight: 19.177g (after heat compound with burner)

    :Weight of Water driven off (Initial weight - final weight) : 97.7g

    X = moles of water loss/ moles of CuSO4
    Given that hydrate is: CuSO4 (XH2O)

    What is the formula of the hydrate?

    2. Given that initial unknown chloride sample weight (g): 5g, and Weight of AgCl precipitate: 21.987g, and approximate volume of AgNO3 solution added (ml): 1M

    What is
    Moles of AgCl = ( AgCl precipitate mass/143.32 ):
    Weight of Cl- in XCl sample = (moles of AgCl)x(atomic weight of Cl- = 35.4527) :
    % Cl- in sample = (weight of Cl- in XCl sample / weight of XCl sample) x 100 % :

    What happened as excess AgNO3 solution was added to the XCl solution?

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