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200-300 Word essay on gravimetric analysis

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Describe the basic steps involved in gravimetric analysis. How does this procedure help us determine the identity of a compound or the purity of a compound if its formula is known? Explain.

Answer needs to be in a 200-300 word response in essay form.

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Gravimetric analysis is the analytical method commonly used for the quantitative determination of a species based on the mass of the solid. The basic steps involved in this method are described as under:

1. The compound or the mixture to be analyzed is converted into a solution form if it is not already in solution form. This is done by dissolving in some medium like water or acids.

2. The solution is treated with some chemicals to adjust the pH to avoid the precipitation of some interferring radicals. If the pH is not adjusted coprecipitation may occur which may lead to a mixture of precipitates. This can create a mees in analysis.

3. After adjusting the pH a precipitant is added to ...

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A simple and concise description of the five steps involved in the gravimetric analysis is given in this posting. An explanation
of the procedure for the identification of the compound is given. An example of a uranium compound (UCl4.4NH3) is given to determine the purity of this compound using gravimetric analysis.