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Nitrogen Content in Water

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What method I could in a academic chemical laboratory to determine the nitrogen content in water?

How could I then determine the quality of the water?

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The easiest way is by color comparision. For more information, please refer to:

There are many ways of measuring nitrogen forms. Total nitrogen can be determined by adding chemicals to convert all of the nitrogen forms in a sample to nitrate, and then measuring nitrate concentration. Nitrate and nitrite can be measured together or separately. Nitrate and nitrite are most often measured using a colorimetric method, which means the color of treated sample reflects the concentration of the ...

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This response provides guidelines on determining nitrogen content in water and the quality of that water.

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Nitrogen Content and Biochemical Oxygen Demand ( BOD )

We have a wastewater source whose flow is 2000 m3 per day; the stated BOD or bio-chemical oxygen demand in that wastewater is given as 5000 mg/l.

We are to use urea (NH2)2CO to provide nitrogen to the wastewater in a specific ratio of 100 parts (BOD) to 5 parts(Nitrogen) --- no more or no less.

The mass fraction of N in urea is given as 46.6% by weight; the solubility of urea in water is given as 51.6 grams/100 grams; and the density of the urea is provided as 760 kg/m3.

Given all of the above....how do I calculate how much elemental Nitrogen I need for this wastewater given the 100(BOD) to 5(N) ratio?

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