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    Dilution Chemistry Problems

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    1.)If I wanted to make 50ml of a 1/20 dilution of a 0.1 M salt solution, how would I go about doing this; meaning what volume of 0.1 M salt solution and what volume of water would I need to add?

    2.) If I wanted 10ml of a 1mM nitrophenol solution and all I had on hand is a 50 mM nitrophenol solution, how would I make it?

    3.) If I wanted 100ml of a 0.1M acetic acid solution, how much 17.4 Molar acetic acid and how much water do I need to add to make the 100ml of 0.1M acetic acid?

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    50mL / 20 = 2.5 mL

    so you would take 2.5 mL of your 0.1 M salt solution and make it up to 50mL in volume in a volumetic flask (37.5 mL water)

    2. ...

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    The solution examines dilution chemistry problems. How to dilute solutions to different molar is determined.