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    Productivity of cell culture

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    A batch animal cell culture has a productivity of 1.8 g/L*day, with a MUmax=0.5 days, a 10% inoculums and a turnaround time of 5 hours. If a continuous culture could operate at a dilution rate of 90% MUmax, what would be the productivity?

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    In a batch cell culture you basically have a reactor where the animal cells grow. In a continuous cell culture you have a continuous feed of substrate and an outflow of product. Given the productivity of the batch cell culture you have to first find Vmax ...

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    This is a common question that arises in cell culture laboratories. The question asks how to calculate productivity given a few variables and constants. The solution provides the answer to the question with a full explanation as to how to solve the question. This solution can be applied to similar problems. As well, I have suggested some further background reading that may be useful for answering similar problems.