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    3 Chemistry Multiple Choice Questions

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    1. The half reaction of NpO2+ to Np+4 is

    a. an acid-base reaction
    b. a redox reaction
    c. reduction
    d. oxidation

    2. The standard hydrogen electrode has a half-cell potential of 0.00v. This is due to
    a. arbitrary convention
    b. hydrogen gas being insoluble in water
    c. coincidence
    d. hydrogen being at equilibrium in aqueous solution

    3. Which pair of terms means the same thing

    a. electrode potential and cell potential
    b. oxidation reaction and reduction reaction
    c. half-cell and half-reaction
    d. electrode potential and electrode voltage

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    1. The half reaction of NpO2+ to Np+4 is ...

    Response: Since this is a half reaction, it is not an acid-base reaction or a redox reaction. A redox reaction must have both a reduction and an oxidation involved. Half reactions only have one or the other. ...

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