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    Question 16 Multiple Choice 20 points
    In which pair are the elements most similar in their chemical properties?
    Ca and Ba
    S and P
    Ag and Rb
    Cs and Xe

    Question 17 True/False 20 points
    In Lewis dot structures, lone pairs are valence electrons not involved in covalent bonding.

    Question 18 True/False 20 points
    The Heisenberg uncertainty principle explains that the location and movement of an electron around a nucleus is better explained as a wave instead of a circular orbit.

    Question 19 Multiple Choice 20 points
    An exothermic reaction causes the surroundings to:
    warm up
    become acidic
    decrease its temperature
    release CO2

    Question 20 Multiple Choice 20 points
    Which element is considered a lanthanide?

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    To Question 16:
    Ca and Ba are most similar because they are both elements of the same group ( Group 2, Earthalkaline metals )

    To Question 17:
    This sentence is true, because lone pairs are ...

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