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Conceptual Organic chemistry

13. What chemical tests might be used to distinguish between pentanal and 2-
pentanone; between benzyl alcohol and diphenylmethanol?

17. The haloform reaction using 12 and NaOH is referred to as the "iodoform"
test for methyl ketones. The test also gives positive results for compounds
containing the -CH(OH)CH3 group. This results from the oxidation of the
alcohol to the methyl ketone in the first stage. Write a balanced equation
for the conversion of C6H5CHOHCH3 to the methyl ketone in the presence
of 12 and NaOH. Identify which species is being oxidized and which is
being reduced.

18. If you were carrying out an industrial scale synthesis in which one step
involved a haloform reaction to convert a methyl ketone into the
corresponding acid having one less carbon atom, would you use NaOH
and C12, NaOH and Br2, or NaOH and 12 reagent? Give reasons for your

19. Over the years the two isomers of azobenzene have been designated by
various terms: cis-trans, syn-anti, and E-Z. Using each set of terms,
assign them to the isomers of azobenzene.

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