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Mathematics - Algebra

Please show me how to do questions 3 to 10. (Please see attached file)

3. Round each of the following numbers as specified.
(a) 508.576 to the nearest hundredth ________________
(b) 508.576 to the nearest tenth ________________
(c) 508.576 to the nearest hundred ________________

4. Convert each of the following fractions to decimals that either terminate or repeat.
(a) 3/40 ______________
(b) 2/13 ______________

5. Write each of the following in scientific notation.
(a) 5,268,000 ____________________
(b) 0.000325 ______________________

6. Write each of the following as a percent.
(a) 0.1 _________
(b) 2 _________

7. Sheryl correctly answered 85% of the questions on her 200-question biology final.
Fernando scored a 90% on his 180-question chemistry final.
Who answered more questions correctly? ____________________

Give three ways that fractions are used in everyday life, and explain a learning activity you could use to teach about fractions based on those examples.

If a student argues that fractions should no longer be taught once students learn how to work with decimal numbers, how would you respond?


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