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    TOYOTA CORPORATION for option to reduce production

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    Give final recommendations on TOYOTA CORPORATION for option to reduce production.

    1) Price
    2) Production
    3) Composition of inputs

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    Toyota Motor Corporation

    Toyota Motor Corporation is the world's second largest automaker after GM. This auto goliath was established in 1937 by Kiichiro Toyoda. Headquarter of the company is located in Japan. The company has worldwide operations. The company has other areas of operations like manufacturing of robots and financial services. Lexus, Scion and Toyota are the premier brands of Toyota Motor Corporation. Currently the company has 522 subsidiaries. The company has preponderance share in Daihatsu Motors and also owns a portion in Yamaha Motors, Isuzu Motors, Fuji Heavy Industries (About Toyota, 2009).

    The reason for the success of the company is the adoption of those values, which were developed by the company founders. The company has achieved leadership in automobile industry due to its increased accent on innovation and style oriented designing methods. The market capitalization, profitability and vehicle quality of Toyota Motor Corporation is higher as compared to General Motors.


    The company's innovative products and high quality have made a mark on the customer's mind. These core competencies of the company have helped it to gain an edge over competitors. The company's continuous focus on quality designs have made the prices of the products a little over than the competitors. The companies cater to the premium segments. The company has tried to provide reasonable cost for the products through effective pricing strategy.

    The company follows the practice of differentiated pricing strategy. Their pricing policy bears stark contrast from the competitors. The company focuses on the needs of its customers while developing the product which has helped the company to grow. The Company firmly believes that in order to maintain their sales in the long run, they have to consistently deliver best quality products at reasonable prices. Keeping this purpose in mind, the company offers a wide range of product portfolio at different ...

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    The response addresses the queries posted in 1151 Words, APA Reference