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Kanban versus Conwip

Kanban is a systems philosophy and methodology used to reduce unneeded parts at the point of application to the end product. This is a foundational principle of lean manufacturing and is essential to address the mindset of working efficiently. Although it is touted by some as essential for efficiency, many companies do not use it but look to Conwip instead.

1) What is the difference between Kanban and Conwip?

2) How is the application of Kanban and Conwip seen in actual plant operation?

3) Is Kanban more effective than Conwip to successful plant management?

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1) Both ConWIP and Kanban have a goal of maintaining a certain level of in-process Work in process. ConWIP however is different from Kanban in the sense that all Work in process is aggregated and treated as a whole.

2) Kanban:
A Kanban is a tool for part pick-up and production instruction. In other words, it is a signal that is used to realize Just-In-Time production and to control the number of required part quantity at the required time. The Kanban system uses visual signals ...