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    Kanban Card-Inventory

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    Applying your basic understanding of inventory control parameters, explain the factors that should influence the size of the kanban card, and the number of kanban cards that should be used for a given item.

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    //Kanban is a Japanese technique used for the accurate management of production and inventory control. This paper will provide a brief introduction of Kanban and its utility for the companies, which are engaged in manufacturing sector.//

    Kanban is a Japanese word, which means card and in production and operation management, it is a component of Japanese's 'Just in Time' (JIT) technique for optimal production and inventory levels (Institute of Manufacturing). This card provides guideline for the inventory and production control by signaling the demand for materials required. Different companies use different forms of Kanban cards like different size, colors, and design but the purpose remains the same i.e. finest inventory levels. The size of the Kanban card is essential for following the Just in Time technique for production and inventory control. Basically, number of items constitutes the size of Kanban (Overview of Kanban Planning).

    //In the above section, we have discussed about ...

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    The response addresses the queries posted in 638 words with references.