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    Complexity of total quality management in an organization

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    How does globalization increase the complexity of total quality management in a hospital?

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    The global factors will have considerable impact on hospitals. It will increase the diversity at the hospital and they have to satisfy the needs of the patients accordingly. Thus, they have to provide wider services like taking care of patients from all the corners of the world. For this, they have to device global marketing strategy and use latest internet and ecommerce technologies for developing a global portal.
    Hospital has to take care of the economic fluctuation. Due to recessionary trend in US and other parts of the economies the low income population has a much harder time paying for their health care bills and also tend to be the sector that are not insured. Also due to the greater global competition in recent years, financial recovery is at the top of the list, safety and quality, along with leading in research innovation and ...

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    This solution discusses globalization and total quality management in a hospital.