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Career Improvment

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Which Job? Are You Sure? "Wow, you mean you have three job offers? How did that happen?" "I'm not quite sure, Joan," responded Alexia. "I guess I just carefully prepared for my job search." "Ahhh . . . could you be a bit more specific for those of us who have no job offers?" asked Joan. "After researching various organizations, I tried to match my abilities and experiences to their needs," Alexia continued. "Then, in addition to my résumé, I sent a portfolio with samples of my research work and creative projects." "OK, Alex, which of the three jobs are you going to take?" asked Joan. "Again, I'm not quite sure. I've created a comparison of the three to help me decide," Alexia replied. "Let me see that!" exclaimed Joan. "Wow, you take this career search stuff seriously!"

See attached for 'Position' table


1. What steps might Alexia take when deciding which position to accept?

2. What additional factors would you consider when selecting an employment position?

3. Which employment position would you recommend for her? Why?

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1. Alexia has listed six items that can be used for evaluating the positions to accept. The first step is that she should consider if more items should be added to the list. The second step is to assign a weight to each of these items based on their importance to her. For example, she might assign a weight of 0.3 to salary situation. The third step is to attach a rating scale to each of these items. For example a seven point rating scale may be attached. The rating will range from 1 lowest to 7 highest. The fourth step is that Alexia should evaluate each item for the three positions using the rating scale. For example she may rate position A, salary situation 6. The fifth step is to multiply each rating with the weight for the item. This will give her a score for each item. The sixth step is ...

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