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    product life cycle

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    Describe the pace at which your product will move through the product life cycle and the factors (internal and external) that will influence its movement. How will the product life cycle impact the marketing of your selected product or service?blackberry storm with a live conference option.

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    //Prior to understand the product life cycle of the products, it is better to have a brief knowledge of the product. This will help to understand the position of the product in the current market and will also help in the further discussion regarding the life cycle of the product.

    Introduction: Blackberry Storm

    Blackberry storm is mobile phone which is produced by the RIM (Research in Motion) (BlackBerry Storm, 2009). This product belongs to the series of 9500 phones of Blackberry. The phone doesn't have a material keyboard, as it is a touch screen mobile phone. The blackberry phone is a global product and is available with CDMA feature, all over the world. There are various multimedia features in this phone. The phone also has effective replaceable and rechargeable battery. The onboard memory of this phone is one gigabytes and this memory can be further extended. Thus, the product has unique and advanced features which have provided a good position to the phone in the global market.

    //After having a good knowledge about the product, in the next step it will become easy for the user to evaluate the pace of the movement of the product in its product life cycle. The analysis of the pace of movement, the factors affecting the movement of the product will also be analyzed easily.//

    Pace of product ...

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    The Response Addresses the Queries Posted in 849 Words, APA References