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    Sales Life Cycle vs. Cost Life Cycle

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    What does the term sales life cycle mean? What are the phases of the sales life cycle? How does it differ from the cost life cycle?

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    Hello, I provide the following to assist you. I have done so research to assist you in understanding what the sales life cycle is and what the cost life cycle is.

    Sales life cycle: The cycle that is achieved when a customer comes into contact with a product through the phases of the purchase.

    Phases of the sales life cycle:

    "1. Pre-sale: What are you doing to generate desire? Why should customers choose your product over the competition?
    2. Transaction: Once a customer has decided to buy, the biggest mistake made by some many businesses, large and small, is that its so often not easy to actually make the purchase. The buying decision is often a marginal one, perhaps there is only a few pence in it between you and the competition don't jeopardize that decision by putting up barriers to sales.
    3. Delivery: Your attitude to your customer after the till has ...

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