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    standardized marketing mix or an adapted marketing mix

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    Assume your boss has asked for your opinion on how your company should enter the Japanese, South Korean and Vietnamese markets with a new line of women's athletic shoes. Would you recommend entering with a standardized marketing mix or an adapted marketing mix? Explain.

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    I would recommend an adopted marketing mix for each of the markets namely Japan, South Korea, and Vietnam. The reason for this is that there are strong differences in the marketing environment in each of the three countries and a standardized marketing mix will not be appropriate in threes three countries. Further, different segments can be targeted in each of these countries.
    First, let us consider the Japanese market. The market has a per capita GDP of $42,500 and the economy is ranked 3rd in the world. The new line of women's shoes in Japan should target the premium segment. The design of shoes should have bright lighter colors with designs of flowers. The shoes should look classy, have high levels of comfort, and should look better than other athletic shoes in the ...

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