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    Pepsi media mix, and the target audience

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    The cola wars represent some fascinating marketing genius (and mishaps) over the years. Here is the latest attempt from Pepsi to gain market share. In an appeal to young people, Pepsi will be releasing a series of designer cans with themes such as sports, fashion, cars and music. Also featured on the cans will be Web addresses offering games, contests and sweepstakes. The campaign in global with different promotions in different countries. In the U.S.buyers can design a Pepsi billboard or a paint job for NASCAR driver Jeff Gordon. But it doesn't stop there. During the Super Bowl, viewers get a chance to win one Pepsi can, this one make of sterling silver and diamonds, rubies and sapphires and worth $100,000. The entire campaign is supported by TV, radio, print and online messaging.

    What do you think of this media mix? Is this the right approach for the target audience?

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    The key is that Pepsi wants to appeal to young people. To be a good marketer, you need to know what will excite your target audience, what will influence them, what will engage them, what will make them buy your product.

    young people today are all about connectivity. They love their cell phones, the internet, IM, chatting, myspace, facebook...anything that shows that they are involved with jot trends, that they know what is going on.

    You also need to know what is hot right now. What TV shows are cool, what sports are watched, what moves and what designer labels are cool.

    You then can piece ...

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