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Integrated Marketing Concept and Marketing Mix

Topic : Strategic Planning and Sales (IMC), flow chart and marketing mix.

IMC (Integrated Marketing Concept) flowchart illustrates that Sales is a vital component to strategic planning. Please analyze how you would incorporate a sales strategy into the companies overall strategic planning. For example, you can choose ANY topic from your chapter reading (Relationship Selling and Sales Management by Mark W.Johnson) or any others and incorporate that into the strategic plan by identifying 'how' your strategy would interact with the companies product, price, promotion, distribution and people.

Let' use motivation as an example. You would then correlate a motivation strategy for your sales division that also reflects back on how that motivation will affect your product sales, the price, the promotion and advertising, distribution and of course, your fellow workers and your customers.

You should be able to analyze this is by simply taking each component of the IMC and applying your course of action throughout the flowchart. (Length of response will vary, however a paragraph for each component is necessary).

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What happens when motivation is used on the sales force? One common motivation tool that is used in sales division is increased commission on sales. This might be in the form of a flat higher rate or an increasing rate as the sales increases. In general this is a standard motivating technique and leads to increases in sales. There are several sales persons who respond to this motivational tool and increase the effort they put in to close their sales. The result is that the total sales of the company increase and this supports the overall strategy of the company.


One motivating tool is to use the sales conference awards to ...

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