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Next Generation Marketing Feedback and Control

Net Generation was launched as a Canadian Internet service provider (ISP) in 1995. It provides a wide range of services for the Canadian market, which is embracing the Internet about 18 months slower than their U.S. counterparts. Because the industry is growing and changing so quickly, Net Generation uses all types of feedback and controls. In fact, every six months, its strategies and goals are re-examined in light of changes in the environment. List and briefly define the three types of marketing controls it could use and explain which would be the most important marketing control for it to use.The controls should be new and effective.

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Net Generation should use the following controls:

Market Share Analysis: What is the market share of Net Generation? Over the period under consideration, has the market share of Net Generation gone up or has it come down? Market share analysis is an important pointer of how well a Net Generation is doing in the marketplace compared to its competitors. The result of the analysis is very useful to help decide new strategies for a new Internet service provider. Net Generation will know if its market share is growing or not. In case there ...

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This posting describes the feedback and cotrol methods that should be used by a Canadian Internet provider.