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Monitoring and Control

I'm doing my final paper on Elderlink but I am not sure how to do the monitoring and control part.

Please give me a very specific example.

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Monitoring and Control

While a marketing plan is an essential component of business strategy, it remains incomplete without the appropriate monitoring and control. Marketing control is a process of ensuring the proposed plans proceed as expected, and are adjusted or updated when necessary. As we have seen in this study, the plan is developed to help identify where Elderlink is at the current moment, and where it would like to be in the future. The process of monitoring and control helps ensure that Elderlink is on the right path to achieve its goals. Control involves the measurement and evaluation variables that will be used to maximize monitoring. This is important because resources are limited and the goal is to ensure efficiency in the application of the marketing plan. It involves comparing actual ...

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The expert examines monitoring and controls for Elderlink. The essential components are determined.