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Concerns that technology presents

Recently, the resort timeshare industry has had a string of bad press. You are in a meeting which includes the President of Resorts 123. He poses the following question to the group, "How do we best raise the ethical reality and image of the timeshare industry, and remove any gray areas in practice in our company?"

Consider the economic, social, legal and ethical effects and reputation of advertising and public relations in the vacation ownership/timeshare industry and the repercussions on Resorts 123. Think about additional concerns that technology presents.

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//The given discussion is based on the one of the industries related to hospitality. In this series, the industry discussed here, is the 'Timeshare Industry'. The analysis of the Timeshare Industry is given in this first section of the discussion paper. //

Timeshare industry is a quickest budding segment in the hospitality industry being suffering from the issue of bad press. In order to have a better image and gain success in the market, its moving parts and disciplines must go hand in hand. In this concern, the monetary, social, legal and effective image campaign can prove to be fruitful for the timeshare industry to get rid of the negative publicity (Peterson, ...

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