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Edutech, Charles River Strategic Analysis and Selection

In addition to the firm from this website: http://www.edutech-int.com/s_info_system_planning_selection.html I used Charles River Advisors web site: http://www.charlesriveradvisors.com/ to compare and contrast the services provided by these different firms.

Based on these two different web sites, I need to know exactly how these services provide value to the clients and do these consulting firms use some of the rules of thumb that can be used in information system selection in providing their services?, which ones? (if any), and Why? Can anyone help me with this problem and list references to support your answer.

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Edutech International is devoted to studying the information technology needs of its customers and meeting their requirements. They provide value to their customers in the following ways. They first extensively interview the key personnel of the universities and ascertain their information technology needs. Edutech International finds out the objectives that the schools have in acquiring or updating information technology. They come across a wide array of objectives that range from using IT only for administrative purposes to having IT available on every desk in the classrooms. Once they ascertain the objectives, they assess the budget that is available for the institution. They make a draft plan that meets the objectives of the school but is within the budget of higher education institute. This plan is presented to management of the school. Edutech International listens to the ...

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