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trategic plan for XYZ Construction using a SWOT analysis

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Business Leadership & Business Integration/Strategic Management Final Project

Read and study the material in the course e-book for Business Leadership & Business Integration:

Review APA writing style and form requirements.

The owners of XYZ Construction, Inc. are nearly ready to proceed with their Initial Public Offering (IPO). The last remaining item that is needed is the strategic plan that pulls together all of the information that you have produced thus far along with the leadership and business integration requirements. Your final task for the owners group is to produce the required strategic plan.

My requirement is to research and write in APA format a strategic plan that describes, discusses, and analyzes the elements of the strategic plan:

1. The strategic environment for XYZ Construction Inc. using a SWOT analysis process (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats). Your analysis should consider not just this company, but also the construction industry as a whole.

2. Goals and strategies for the operations of the company. Specifically, you must describe, discuss, and analyze:

a) Marketing

b) Workforce and Operational Management

c) Organizational Structure

d) International Operations

e) Financial and Accounting Management

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//Decisions taken by the management for the future perspective requires a comprehensive strategic planning. For making a strong strategic plan, it is necessary for the company to understand prevailing strategic environment of the company and the related industry. For this purpose, the upcoming section is presenting the SWOT analysis of the company which reveals the positive and negative points of external and internal environment of the company. //

XYZ construction co. is one of the leading companies in the construction industry. The SWOT analysis of the company in the context of whole construction industry is discussed below:

Strengths: Strengths are the plus points of the organization that comes from the internal environment of the firm or industry. The basic strengths of the construction industry are listed below:

It is a well established industry at global level, which consists of a number of giant players.

The development of the real estate industry is on a high and is attracting the related industries, like the construction industry.

Governments generally support this industry because it is directly linked with the overall development of a nation.

The return on investment is relatively higher in this industry.

Mostly uneducated and unskilled labors are required in this industry and they can be hired at relatively lower cost.

The strong customer base is one of the major strengths of the company. Customers generally show loyalty in this industry. A strong relationship with clients facilitates the company to take up new projects from the same client consistently (Construction Industry Analysis, 2010).

Weaknesses: Major weaknesses of the industry arise from loopholes in the internal environment of the industry. Some of the major weaknesses are listed below:

The industry requires a large amount of investment.

Large construction projects need a large amount of investment of money, manpower, and time. So, the risk involved in these kinds of projects is also higher than most other industries.

There is a lack of strong and in-depth research base in the industry. Generally, the construction projects are situated at a rational distance, which harms the efficiency of the company.

Opportunities: Opportunities are attributes of the external environment that can be used by the industry for its growth. Some of the major opportunities for the industry are listed below:

Increasing technological advancement in the procedures and equipments creates a favorable scenario for the company.

The boom in the private sector housing is creating more and more ...

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The response addresses the queries posted in 1562 words with references.