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SWOT Analysis of the Certificate of Need program

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Use the Internet to research the Certificate of Need program.The National Conference of State Legislatures is a good place to start.

National Conference of State Legislatures Link: http://www.ncsl.org/issues-research/health/con-certificate-of-need-state-laws.aspx

As you research and go through the material please in an APA style response list and discuss (1 page) 1 strength, 1 weakness, 1 threat, and 1 opportunity of the program.

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Strength: CONs help prevent the overbuilding of medical facilities and increasing the number of beds. Too many beds means that prices for hospital stays escalate because filling those beds on a daily basis is impossible if the number of beds available is too high. While there may be some days when excess beds are needed, those may be emergency basis needs. Keeping the beds and building of more facilities or additions in check means that costs ...

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